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Rob Allen in Workshop

It’s vital that organisations and leaders understand the principles and potential benefits of transforming behaviour and culture. Every organisation is different, and a short introductory presentation/discussion can be provided to help clarify and expand on the issues raised above and explore the context of the organisation. Following on from that, an action plan can be developed focusing on key aspects that are most applicable to the organisation, which could include:

  • What motivates and stimulates people?
  • What are the key characteristics of effective and innovative working and how can they be nurtured?
  • How can organisations harness the most effective contributions from teams and individuals?
  • How can staff at all levels recognise and remove organisational and individual barriers to performance?
  • What skills do individuals need to enhance their performance?
  • How can organisations achieve buy in from staff to support an effective culture?

Techniques available to help organisations enhance their innovative capability include one day workshops, short individual and team coaching sessions, and structured professional development programmes. The approach is strongly participatory, featuring theoretical models alongside facilitated action learning with small groups. These all draw on sound principles from psychology, the business world, the creative arts and professional development, in a unique combination designed to challenge, stimulate and develop participants.

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Photograph: Hanna Miettinen