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Coaching is a core part of our business, using experienced and qualified coaches.
We use a solutions-focused approach, based in coaching psychology, to recognise your potential and help you be the best you can be.

  • “Rob taught me ways to think outside of the box and look at myself differently. The discussions helped me gain a fresh perspective on personal challenges and enabled me to define new goals.
  • “it has quite literally been life changing for me”

It is an integrated approach to understanding what an individual wants to achieve and
how to realise their ambitions and goals. With a strong focus on vision and
aspiration as the driving force for change and performance enhancement.

Fundamental to a coaching psychology approach is exploring the inter-related
aspects of cognition (thought), emotion, behaviour as well as physiological
characteristics and the social context.

Performance coaching is often about behavioural change, even if these
changes are subtle. Much of our behaviour is habitual – we develop patterns
over time that are difficult to break out of, making it hard to take your
performance to the next level. Similarly we typically perceive situations
from an established mindset, that can limit our understanding and options. A
key aspect of our coaching is to help identify and disrupt these patterns
and mindsets, and find alternative approaches to familiar situations and

  • ” I feel that I’ve transitioned to the new role and am developing new norms of work wrt routine, approach and behaviour. I appreciate (and
    value) the support you’ve provided over the last 12-18 months; the time for reflection, discussion and space to find perspective has been truly valuable.

A true coaching approach doesn’t give you solutions, it guides you to find
your own solutions.

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