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Outplacement Support

Outplacement support includes helping individuals understand what they have to offer in terms of future (possibly alternative) career options and supporting them in achieving their goals.

    Hapsis Innovation focuses on key cognitive and behavioural strategies to assess and enhance important personal and organisational skills. These range from emotional intelligence, helping to understand your own and others’ contributions, to communication and influencing skills to enhance your effectiveness in pursuing a goal.

    Topics available through career counselling and coaching or group workshops include:

    • Career decision making e.g. Self- and opportunity-awareness
    • Career management – identity clarification and meta-skills
    • Career resilience – attitudes and emotions

    using a blend of practical activities and theoretical frameworks for diagnosis, assessment and recommendation

    Techniques range from enhancing self-presentation in CV writing through to addressing cognitive distortion to maximise opportunities, including:

    • Effective applications and how to market yourself
    • Interview skills including coaching on communicating and influencing
    • One-to-one career counselling
    • Exploring alternative career opportunities and future aspirations

    Why choose Hapsis Innovation for your outplacement needs?

    A creativity perspective helps individuals to challenge conventional thinking and explore previously unimagined possibilities for their future careers, focusing on core strengths and values, drivers and motivators.
      An entrepreneurial perspective helps individuals identify and pursue new opportunities and assess their attitudes and approach to risk taking
        An innovation perspective helps individuals understand uncertainty and change, and how to overcome barriers in pursuit of an ambitious vision through future-directed thinking