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Work Motivation

Want to understand the current thinking in work motivation?

    Looking for both organisational performance and at the same time personal satisfaction and well being?

        Whether you are a team member, a manager or organisational leader, the ability to influence motivation in others (and yourself) is a highly desirable skill.

        But after decades of research and practice, do we really understand work motivation any better? Do we fully understand extrinsic and intrinsic motivators? How do we explain the continuing popularity of practice based on outdated theories? Is empowerment and autonomy the universal panacea? Is there still a place for performance related pay?

        Key questions

        • What influences behaviour at work?
        • What motivates individuals outside of work?
        • What actions can be taken to improve motivation and performance

        Motivation theories and practice

        • Understanding peoples’ need for growth, achievement, affiliation, power
          • Benefits and limitations of ‘needs’ models in practice
        • Using feedback and goals to motivate effectively
          • Applying cognitive theories (eg goal setting, expectancy, control theory)
        • Personality, values and beliefs
          • How values and traits can influence motivation

        Contemporary issues

        • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, rewards and incentives
        • Autonomy, empowerment and participation
        • Employees have feelings: working with emotions
        • The psychological contract, organisational commitment and justice

        Organisational context

        • Management styles
        • Motivating creativity and innovation
        • Organisational culture
        • Job design and job crafting, identity and meaning at work