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Leadership and Management Development

Organisational psychology provides a strong basis from which to understand how individuals, teams and organisations think and behave, and how key aspects of leadership such as influence can be effectively exercised.

    Leadership and Management development includes blending principles and models with practical guidance and opportunities to practise.

      Any leadership and management programme needs to be tailored in discussion with the organisation. Below are common topics that form the basis for most programmes:

      Leading teams and organisations

      • Effective managerial conversations
      • Delegation, assertiveness and positive people management
      • Motivating in times of change
      • Managing personality and emotions
      • Leadership in teams and groups
      • Embedding real change and innovation
      • Vision and strategy in leadership

      Individual leadership and management skills

      • Negotiation and conflict management
      • Communicating to influence
      • Performance coaching skills: cognitive behavioural coaching, developing a coaching culture
      • Managing behavioural and conversational patterns
      • Emotional intelligence for leaders
      • Decision making and problem solving for managers

      Leadership fundamentals

      • Leadership characteristics – traits and behaviours
      • Leadership as a function, role and social process
      • Balancing leadership and management
      • Styles of leadership
      • Contemporary models of leadership

      Management and leadership programmes are designed to run over a period of months with a series of face to face workshops involving presentation, discussion, group exercises and individual activities. As such they are highly interactive and rely on a commitment of participation. Drama based learning is often incorporated to enhance skills transferability and embedding. Evaluation of the programme is integral to the design, as are mechanisms for individual and organisational action planning.

      The programme is usually complemented with a coaching service for individuals to identify, discuss and develop key areas of importance to the organisation and them personally.

      Individual workshops based on the topics above can also be made available to develop key skills and competencies.