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The Entrepreneur Within: Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Do you want to know how to encourage and support entrepreneurial behaviour by staff?

    Entrepreneurs are usually associated with setting up their own small business, and seeking investment to grow their business. But many large organisations seek entrepreneurial behaviour from within. This can be uncomfortable both for the entrepreneurial individual, learning to work within organisational constraints, and for the organisation in re-evaluating its attitudes towards risk and opportunities, and providing a supporting environment.

    This workshop explores the nature of entrepreneurial individuals and their interaction with organisational processes, structures and culture. It examines what organisations must do in order to encourage and support the entrepreneurial behaviour they desire.

    Topics include

    • Characteristics of the entrepreneur
    • The entrepreneurial mindset
    • Motivating and enabling entrepreneurs
    • Entrepreneurs within effective teams
    • Managing organisational constraints
    • Organisational and personal risk taking, failure attitudes
    • Benefits and barriers of an enterprise culture
    • Opportunities sources and horizon scanning
    • Boundary spanning – linking across work areas
    • Entrepreneurs as agents of change

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