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Skills for Innovation

  • Do you want to be able to combine original ideas and thinking with creating action and overcoming obstacles and resistance?

    To see a successful innovation through to adoption, individuals or teams need a wide range of skills from creative thinking through to communicating, collaboration and seeking support. Key to success are cognitive and behavioural skills that combine the aspects of original thinking with the ability to create action and overcome obstacles.
    This workshop explores the range of skills required for individuals to successfully deliver innovation, providing a core skill set for innovation.

    Topics include:

    • Innovative thinking and creativity
    • Idea generation and evaluation
    • Questioning, reflection and critical thinking
    • Concept development, conceptualising and codifying
    • Telling the story: Effectively communicating new ideas
    • The role of the translator and interpreter
    • Improvising and experimenting, learning from failure
    • Radical options – challenging the status quo
    • Getting it done – proactivity and initiative taking
    • Overcoming resistance to innovation and change

      This workshop is part of the innovation series:

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