People, Technology, Change

Leading Innovation and Change

  • Do you want to be able to translate a vision of innovation into an organisation that actually delivers innovation?

    An innovative organisation needs leaders who can effectively blend a vision of future possibilities, a convincing case for change and an effective strategy for maintaining existing successes. Whilst it is easy to incorporate innovation into a vision statement, translating this into an innovative organisation is far more challenging.
    Aimed at leaders who develop and influence organisational strategy, this workshop explores the key organisational drivers, enablers and barriers to innovative organisations, and provides practical advice on organisational change for innovation.

    Topics include:

    • Looking to the future, visionary thinking and scenario planning
    • Transformational leadership
    • The innovation audit
    • Creating value from innovation
    • Developing organisational capacity and capability
    • HRM policies for innovation
    • Models, prototypes and the innovation cycle
    • Open innovation, diversity and the learning organisation
    • Advocates, adopters and change agents

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