People, Technology, Change

Leadership for Entrepreneurial Organisations

  • Do you want to stimulate, organise and encourage entrepreneurial activity?
  • Would you like to know how this is achieved through effective leadership?

    Organisational leaders and managers increasingly demand entrepreneurial behaviour from their employees, seeking new business and service opportunities, growth, market diversity and a way of staying ahead in times of economic uncertainty. However, typically, organisational processes and structures are not well equipped to support entrepreneurship, nor is it well understood how to provide the enabling conditions.

    This workshop explores how organisations can stimulate, organise and encourage entrepreneurial activity, through effective leadership, management and the provision of appropriate organisational structures.

    Topics include:

    • Creating a vision for entrepreneurial organisations
    • How creativity and innovation relate to entrepreneurship
    • Motivating, supporting and rewarding entrepreneurship
    • Critical thinking, challenging assumptions and pre-conceptions
    • Managerial decision making for future opportunities
    • Developing entrepreneurial teams
    • Inspiring diversity of ideas, collaboration and networks
    • Intelligent risk management and failure
    • Cross-functional change and boundary spanning
    • Barriers and enablers in organisational culture

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