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Implementing Innovation in Organisations

  • Do you want to be able to balance business as usual with experimentation and originality?

    Organisations seeking to be more innovative face the challenge of how to actually implement this vision. The task frequently falls to senior and mid-level managers who have responsibility for staff, resources and day to day operations. However, balancing business as usual with experimentation and originality requires a complex set of skills and knowledge for managers.
    This workshop aims to provide managers with an essential understanding of the key factors in achieving organisational success through innovation, with a focus on effective organisational culture and how to influence it.

    Topics include:

    • Managing knowledge, business intelligence
    • Innovation as a learning cycle
    • Continuous learning and the learning organisation
    • Improvement vs Innovation
    • Inspiring new thinking, motivation and performance for innovation
    • Autonomy, empowerment and flexibility
    • Organising creative teams, understanding and balancing skills
    • Metrics and assessing success of innovation
    • Building support from stakeholders

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