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Creative Thinking: Stimulating Original Ideas

  • Do you want more original and innovative ideas for products and services?
  • Do you need to rethink the way you do things?

    Thinking creatively is associated with originality, novelty and the generation of ideas from individuals that exceed normal boundaries. Many organisations now demand and expect such creative thinking from staff, but few have the necessary skills to capitalise on their innate creativity, or indeed believe they are simply not creative enough.
    This workshop provides participants with a sound understanding of how to enable their own creativity and a set of tools and techniques that will help them develop the creative thinking skills of themselves and others.

    Topics include:

    • Understanding individual contributions to creativity
    • Diversity and stimuli for creative ideas
    • Taking risks to be creative
    • Challenging assumptions and preconceptions
    • Removing blocks to creativity
    • Concept linking, patterns and lateral thinking
    • Imagining, visioning and metaphorical thinking
    • Simple techniques for supporting creative thinking

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