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Creative Problem Solving: Beyond Brainstorming

  • Do you want to approach problems in imaginative new ways to achieve better solutions?
  • Do you need to not just come up with ideas but evaluate, select and apply them?

    Problem solving is a key activity involving creativity, often used with groups or teams. Brainstorming is a well known group technique to generate ideas to solve problems, however, groups frequently find brainstorming sessions fail to deliver the extent of creative solutions expected. Typically, the focus is on the stage of generating options, which can be constrained by a lack of imagination, limited stimuli, poor problem definition and preconceptions on the situation and potential solutions.
    This workshop applies creative thinking to a group problem solving context.

    Using models developed from the well established Osborn-Parnes CPS (Creative Problem Solving) process, combined with psychological theories to enhance and embed creativity, the workshop provides participants with a sound framework for effective group problems solving. Opportunities to practice the techniques on the day provide a lasting skill base to take back to the workplace.

    Topics include:

    • Establishing the conditions for creative problem solving
    • Group dynamics of creativity
    • Challenging preconceptions and assumptions
    • Visioning and defining the challenge
    • Idea generation and solution scoping
    • Assessing adoption probability and barriers
    • Matching and presenting creative solutions

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