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An entrepreneurial approach can help you identify and pursue new opportunities and re-evaluate your attitudes and approach to risk taking

    Entrepreneurship is associated with business opportunities. Entrepreneurs are sometimes considered as individuals setting up their own business. In fact entrepreneurship is everywhere, in small or large organisations, commercial or public sector. Issues such as recognising and exploiting opportunities and acquiring resources are key. However, it is also about a state of mind – the enthusiastic, committed and proactive behaviour of individuals who see an opportunity through to the finish where others give up.

    Diagram - mindset of entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship is the identification and application of a business idea, often a novel one that take the organisation in a different direction, or in some cases leads to setting up a new organisation. The reason it is associated with small start ups is because of the characteristics of agility, speed of response, capturing ideas and translating them into action. Large organisations often find this difficult because of the structures and processes they have put in place to help them to be efficient.
    However, large organisations can also support entrepreneurialism, if they are able to effectively support risk taking, horizon scanning and other idea-sourcing activites, and encourage the pursuit of new opportunities.

    Key topics include

    • Identifying and developing entrepreneurs
    • How to seek and recognise opportunities – eg horizon scanning
    • Making a business case
    • Acquisition of resources – against the odds!
    • Developing proactive behaviour and initiative-taking
    • Autonomy, risk taking and managing failure

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