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Innovation and Organisational Behaviour

Look out for our innovation and organisational behaviour session at the Return on Innovation conference coming up soon in Newcastle in November. It should be an interesting event, with speakers … Continue reading

October 25, 2013

Africa’s First Solar Boat

A key aspect across creativity and entrepreneurship is diversity of experience, and there’s no better way to broaden your perspective than getting out and about somewhere very different to your … Continue reading

May 31, 2011

Leadership and Creativity

As Hapsis Innovation launches its leadership and management programme, lets consider for a moment how creativity, innovation and leadership are connected. Prof Gerard Puccio from International Center for Studies in … Continue reading

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Does creativity = innovation?

It’s a long debated topic about the relationship between innovation and creativity, one that John Mariotti revisits in a recent blog post. Looking back to the 60s article by Levitt … Continue reading

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Local Authorities Look to Innovation

Representatives from North East local authorities gathered for a one day workshop exploring Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, run by Hapsis Innovation on behalf of NEREO, the North East Regional Employers … Continue reading

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Generating Opportunities

The old ways don’t work anymore… so says 78% of small business owners who identified improving their ways of doing business as critical to withstanding the economic situation. Improvement sometimes … Continue reading

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Inescapable Innovation

Innovation is a hot topic, everyone is demanding it but few seem able to really deliver. The pressures are clear – reduced economic performance leading to funding cuts, tougher competition … Continue reading

July 3, 2010