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Innovation and Organisational Behaviour

Look out for our innovation and organisational behaviour session at the Return on Innovation conference coming up soon in Newcastle in November.

It should be an interesting event, with speakers from academia, big business and entrepreneurs, set up jointly by Newcastle University Business School and the organisers of the Thinking Digital events. The speakers include Steve Vranakis, Creative Director for Google, on “Letting Technology Drive Creativity”, and Roy Sandbach of Newcastle University on “What is in the DNA of highly effective, innovative organisation?”

I’ll be working with Mike, to facilitate a drama-based learning workshop on “Getting your Message Across”.

Drama Scenario

We’ll be using a drama scenario to explore issues around how ideas are proposed and received, and what types of organisational culture and inter-personal interactions can encourage or inhibit creativity and innovation. This ties in with research we’ve been involved in around the organisational environment for creativity, and this session is a great chance to join in and have a go at experimenting with how behaviour impacts on an organisation’s ability to adopt innovation.

Other workshops include one by Alison Freer , who has collaborated with us on other projects, she’ll be looking at “Thinking with your Hands” – practical ideas and techniques you can use to develop innovative ways of working in your organisation.

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