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Leadership and Creativity

As Hapsis Innovation launches its leadership and management programme, lets consider for a moment how creativity, innovation and leadership are connected.

Prof Gerard Puccio from International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State (University of New York) highlights that creativity is a core leadership skill. Prof Puccio, author of the book “Creative Leadership: Skills that drive change”, identifies several reasons for this, notably that problems organisations are now facing are complex, illdefined and ambiguous, within novel situations, and their solutions have to be invented or discovered, they do not already exist. Neither are past experiences sufficient to inform leaders how to deal with such problems.

In the following video Prof Puccio discusses this with an international class, also touching on research closer to home at Aston Business School into innovation in teams. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation is another topic briefly introduced, and explored in detail in Hapsis Innovation’s workshop on Work Motivation.

The leadership programme just launched by Hapsis is designed to provide both a comprehensive coverage of contemporary leadership skills, and also to complement specific leadership issues in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship already featured in the workshop portfolio.

(Follow the link to youtube from this video, the authors have disabled embedded playback)

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