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Inescapable Innovation

Innovation is a hot topic, everyone is demanding it but few seem able to really deliver. The pressures are clear – reduced economic performance leading to funding cuts, tougher competition (at home and abroad), reduced staffing, and an ever increasing expectation of delivering more for less.

For the public sector value for money is top of the agenda, and the need to demonstrate impact and relevance to the public, economy and society as it faces huge challenges of health and ageing, the environment and climate change, energy, not to mention the economic situation and budget cuts.

For the private sector, innovation isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Without developing new products and services, maintaining a competitive edge, and constantly being more efficient and effective, survival is under threat. Being able to innovate effectively gives a new lease of life.

“Futurist” Jim Carroll, noted in Business Week for his innovation and creativity insight, offers 3 stark choices in this video: Do nothing, panic, or innovate. Focus on growth, opportunity and the future he says.

Hapsis Innovation is working with organisations to develop their innovative capability and capacity, through harnessing individual and organisational creativity. Further information is available on this website.


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